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Twat did you say? I have an ear infucktion!

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[January 11th, 2009]

Leaving. The mod's journal is deleted, so I figure this place will be dead. :(

Check out 123insert, happyghosts or thedeckofcards!
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stamped // photo post [January 5th, 2009]

Since I haven't had a camera lately, its been hard for me to do any form of picture updates... but huzzah, here is a quick glimpse at my life recently.

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holy crap i have internet again!!! [November 30th, 2008]

[ mood | cold ]

gahh it's been like a month since i've had cable or internet, it was refreshing for about a week, but i couldn't take it much longer. too much pbs and late night talk shows, not to mention i must have lost some major brain cells with all the jerry springer/maury/court shows i have watched...so anyway, we have all moved into our new house and it's pretty much amazing. tom and i got the master bedroom, and we have our own bathroom which is awesome. we also have a big back and front yard w/a gate. i'm in love with this house, we even got to paint before we moved in. i'll post pictures after i get the house all cleaned up. other than that, i've been working like all the time, but with all that hard work comes a big check so i should have lots of money to spend on christmas, and since i only have like 5 friends, should be a pretty rockin christmas. well, i have a lot of cleaning to do. i'll post some pictures of the new place later on tonight.
and just so its not text only:

thats what i look like at 4am

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hi guys! [October 16th, 2008]

im so sorry i've been so inactive. my new job has been working me like a slave. this is the only community i wanna stay in. i promise to be more active, and will be posting like crazy this weekend, possibly tonite if i dont fall asleep right after im done posting this....<3

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[application] [October 7th, 2008]

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