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Twat did you say? I have an ear infucktion!
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thecupcakecunts is a brand new, alternative rating community.
We are a girls-only, mature community which rates you on your personality, looks, and interests.
We are not one of those "pretty girl" communities, we want real girls with real beauty.
We want girls with creative, open minds who are looking to make new friends and have fun.

We are a harsh community. You will not be censored. The only thing forbidden; racial and sexist slurs.
You are able to speak your mind here. We are not afraid of our body, mind, or sexuality. We hope you aren't either.

Join today! We don't bite, too hard.

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Make all posts FRIENDS-ONLY.

1. Be female.
This is a girl-only community.
2. Be at least sixteen years of age.
3. Do not post your application in rich-text, it already has the html for you.
4. Do not post or comment on anything except your application.
5. No salute; no acceptance; no exceptions
6. Apply within forty-eight hours.
7. Do NOT delete your application.
8. Don't bitch to us if you aren't accepted.
9. If you are rejected, you may apply as many times as you like with different applications and pictures.
10. No SIF angles, scrunchy faces, or extreme photoshop please.
11. Details will make people like you.
12. Change the lj-cut text to "Frosty CuntCakes" so we know you read the rules.


2. Promote!
3. Do not start drama with other members
4. Be as harsh as you would like when voting on applications.
5. If you give an applicant a sway vote, you must tell them what you would like them to do to sway you.
6. Earn at least fifty-five points a month
7. Don't start drama with other members. If an applicant deserves it, then let them have it.
8. NEVER promote other communities in thecupcakecunts.
9. Never take an argument with another member or applicant to their personal journal!
10. Put stamped/activity/number of points in the subject line of posts.

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